Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Zuzu and Her Roses

Zuzu's original Petals were from a Rose
won as a prize by George Bailey's
youngest daughter in a spelling bee.
{It's a Wonderful Life}.
This is not the reason I have a passion for Roses...
but it fits nicely.

A very, very long time ago, when just a "Baby Florist"
I was scornful of the Rose, The Gladiola, Mum and Carnation.
Not for me the common, boring, typical Refrigerator Flower.
Give me Delphinium, Freesia, Anemones, and Hydrangea.
Tulips, Narcissus, Lilac and Peonies.

In the course of my 38 lucky years working with Flowers,
I have grown to appreciate them all...and adore most.
Yes, even Gladiolas.
{Available now in Purple and Green!}
And look what they have done to the Roses...





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