Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Blog Followers

Moving right along in the spirit of building
a zuzuweb presence, I added a Follower Widget
to the Blog....and actually think
I know what that means.

Right now, way up at the top of the page,
is a big fat zero next to the followers list.
I am hoping that someone, besides my biggest fan,
(pictured above) will become a follower.
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By The Time We Got To Woodstock

Thirty nine and a half years too late.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's Hiding in My Hydrangea?

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Bear and the Re-Blooming Echinacea

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Roses Roses Roses

An armload of:
Creme De La Creme
Big Fun
Cherry Brandy
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I have said before that a hundred years ago
when I was a baby florist, I had no passion for Roses.
For me the Anemone, Delphinium, Ranunculus,
the unusual, the rare, the "special".
I still favor the unusual and rare,
but look what they have done with the Roses.

This Rose was new to me .
Literally, a handful, in that when I spread
my hand over it, my hand was full.
The color is well represented in this photo.
What is missing is the fragrance...
dusky sweet old damask close your eyes and smile.
Capriccio..I have orderd some for Wednesday
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What's New at Little Zu

During Gardenseason, much of our attention is focused on The Big .
Little Zu, sadly, gets a bit of the short end.
All Spring and Summer her big rugged older sister
is all decked out in her gardenwear:
trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, tools,
paraphernalia for slogging about in the backyard.

Pretty dainty all dressed up Little Zu doesn't like all that dirt.
She favors her linens and pretty bowls, colored candles, and girly girl treats.
But now, Little Zu is all ready for her favorite time of year:
The Holidays.
Sporting a great selection of linens, runners, and napkins to dress the holiday table,
as well as so many frothy knit throws
to spruce up that comfy couch
or corner chair in the living room.

New this year are a number of small stained glass lamps to light up a neglected corner.
She has agreed to share some of her special things with The Bigster.
She can't fit everything in her cozy space.
You are cordially invited to visit our Little Miss Zu and all her finery.
158A Berkeley Place
718 636-2022
Wednesday- Friday
Suday 11-6
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bear and Otis

This is Bear and his cousin Otis in Rhode Island

This is Bear and his cousin Otis in Belle Harbor
This is Bear and his cousin Otis in Pennsylvania

This is in Memory of Bear's cousin Otis.
You will live on in our hearts.
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Fonda Claus

Dearest zuzuites:
It was the first official meeting of the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District ...BID...
Beloved Irene LoRe of Aunt Suzie's had agreed to be Chairman of the Board .
The Autumn sun was streaming through the windows of The Old Stone House.
We were eating bagels.
Bear was with me, under the table, eating his favorite: sesame seed,no shmear.

The spirit was in us all; it had taken years of hard work to get to this point.
The members of The Fifth Avenue Merchant's Association who never gave up despite frustration and lack of support deserved to feel proud.

We were planning a kick off event for the holidays; tossing around ideas about a tree lighting, Menorah lighting, staying open late nights.
Irene asked if anyone would volunteer to be Santa and Mrs. Claus.
My hand shot up.

There you have it.
Now all i need is my Mrs. Santa suit.
So, I went online to check out the possibilities.

I must say, i wasn't prepared for how frumpy Mrs. Santa is.
I don't know what i could have been thinking ...
After all,what sort of woman would be married to Santa Claus?

After considerable research, i have compiled my choices.

Mrs Claus...

Victorian Santa...could work with overalls

Santa's Helper....

Santa's Trophy Wife....

Santa's Best Friend

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

november 4, 2008

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More Voters

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Park Slope VOTES!

I went to vote at P.S.282 at 9 A.M. this morning.
The school is on Sixth Avenue between Berkeley and Lincoln.
I joined the line on Fifth Avenue and Berkeley.
It took an hour to make it into the school gym and vote.
The line was as long when i left, as when i arrived.
The same was true for the line at Middle School 51 on Fifth Avenue
between 5th and 4th street until about 2P.M.
I assume it was also the case at p.s.321. on Seventh Avenue.
Today was a particularly good day to be an American and live in Brooklyn.
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Witchy Women

Complete with googley eyes, green streaked witch wigs,
and our superhero mascot,
the zuzus took time out from wedding preparations to
distribute poundsful of candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters.
Halloween brings out the best in Park Slope... because it's
all about the kids.
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Bless his heart...Bear wore his costume all day.
we could not miss this pairing.
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