Friday, February 08, 2008

Puppy and Kitten Backpacks

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Fat Cats and Puffy Pooches

Zuzu went to the New York International Gift Show last week.
The goal was to put together a Gift Collection for this Spring
that was affordable, practical, yet fun.

Found some very great Outdoor Doormats,
designed a customcolor line of over-sized coffee mugs,
ordered lots of pretty plant pots for in the House
and out in the Garden, discovered a great source
for the increasingly important Garden Sunhat.
And then I saw the stuffed puppy and kitten pillows
and backpacks...
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Six More Days to Vday

We are so gearing up for Valentine's Day..forget about
Super Tuesday...We are all about Super Thursday!

Pictured above is one of our Sequined Hearts.
All puffy and perfect, strung on an organdy ribbon.
A nice add-on to the Simple Single Red Rose or
The Hefty Handful of Hothouse Flowers.

New for Zuzu's this year :
Sweets for the Sweethearts in your life.
We found the dearest little company out in Colorado
that has been making candy by hand for 5 generations
We've chosen small bags of the prettiest pink and red Ribbon Candy
and a lovely Heart shaped version
of the "All Day Sucker".

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

9 More Days Till Valentines

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Close up,Fetching and Affordable

Available at both Zuzu's Petals:

Big Zu
374 fifth Avenue
718 638-0918

Little Zu
158A Berkeley Place
718 636-2022


Sunflower Bowls....3 sizes

Large Pitcher

Pie Baker with Black Bird and Sunflower Plates
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Recession Pottery

At Zuzu's Petals, we have always been pleased to offer
for sale, collections of Imported, Handmade,
Handpainted Pottery from Italy,France,
Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Spain, England.

Every Cup, Bowl, Plate, and Teapot is one of a kind.
Created with skill, talent and loving care
by small collectives of Artisans ...
Making each piece both precious and costly.

This season, because of the devaluation of The Dollar,
the increased cost of shipping, and
the sad sorry news about The Economy
we hear every waking minute, we've
brought back our ever popular Pistoulet Pottery.

It is very affordable.
It echoes the spirit of the handmade,
It cheers us right up.
Bowls,Plates, Servers, Teapots, Pitchers,
Pie Bakers complete with Pie-Bird
more pictures to follow.
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