Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beary in the Garden

My Dad planted the Dwarf Alberta Spruce to the right of Bear.
That was 40 years ago.
I planted the Hydrangea to his left last year.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Window: March 19, 2009

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Esther Bunny Returns

Esther Bunny has been in storage since last Easter
and needs a breath of fresh air .
She loves to sit in the window crouched beneath
the Gardenias.
Frequently found tucked in amongst the Ranunculus
and Primroses, she primps and poses to get some attention.
We don't dare let her near the Pansies.
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Anything To Make The Sale

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La And The ReZUZable Bag

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recession Bouquets

This is a shot of this week's collection of Recession Bouquets.
None of the flowers are extraordinary, exotic or expensive.
Button Poms, Alstroemeria, a bit of Waxflower or Thistle.
What is their appeal?
Color, Price, and Longevity.
We mix batchfuls of color that will last you well beyond the week.
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Warm and Fuzzy

There is a stay at home Mom in Minnesota
who designs these samplers.
They are oh so very Zuzu.

Each saying is stitched.
Some are Pithy;
"Better bend than break"
Some are Preachy;
"Do unto others..."
Some are Prayerful;
"Let me try harder to be all I can be"
Some are Proverbial;
"Bless this house..."
Some are Precious;
"What are Little Girls made of..."
Some are Powerful;
"Love me when I least deserve it;
that's when I need it most".
All are Pretty.

Flowers and other garnishments are embroidered,
some with felt cut outs and buttons applied...
frames are antiqued, distressed, patinated
None are Pricey
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Got Pansies?

It is officially Spring.
okay, so it's snowing.
Just Mother Nature's odd sense of humor.

In the Fall when i have to put my garden to bed,
I feel the long, grey stretch of Winter ahead.
Despite the cold, dreary months, I spend time
watching my garden, checking on newcomers and
oldtimers, making sure they are going to make
it through the frost and chill.

Last week I pruned my Roses, cleared away
dead growth from perennials and shrubs.
I lugged my planters out of storage,
turned on the hoses, and best of all,
the outdoor shower.

It's Garden season for me going back.
Bring on the Pansies!
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hanging Orchids and Sausage

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More Orchids From the show

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The Orchid Show

On Tuesday we went to the Orchid Show at
The New York Botanic Gardens.
It was immediately clear that The Recession Spirit
was at work in this year's presentation.
Instead of massive quantities of
flowering orchids all over,
there were carefully designed
collections and constructions.

One benefit for us was a clearer view
of the permanent plantings,
which usually play second fiddle
to the dramatic installations of the show.

After a few hours wandering from fernery
to dry desert to tropical rainforest,
we made our way to the Giftshop...
usually a very expensive part of the outing.
This year we kept our hands in our pockets,
were firm in our determination
to not buy another tempting Orchid
and even remained stoic in the book section.

As we headed out of the parking lot,
we made our way to Arthur Avenue
where we ate a sumptuous lunch and
bought Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar,
and scored 6 tiny fresh Quail for $7!

The perfect Zuzuday
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Little Zu Very Comfy with Her Big Sister

Little Zuzu has gotten real cozy in her new home
on Fifth Avenue with her Big Sister.
She spent the week arranging and re-arranging her furniture.
She is very pleased with her view of the garden and
thinks all those nice houseplants complement her pretty things.
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Flowers For Every Occasion

The Zuzus always prefer making flowers for happy occasions.
Sometimes,we have to make flowers for the sad moments.
Last week we were touched by 2 sisters who came in to order
flowers for their Mother's funeral.
They came to us because they wanted to celebrate her life
and surround her with beautiful fresh flowers.
We were fully stocked, having just gone to the Market that morning.
But there were a few special things they wanted,
and we decided another trip was called for.
As we worked with their flowers,
we thought of those two sweet young women
and the Mother we had never met.
We put all our Zuzu love into every piece, hoping our flowers
and our feelings would offer some small comfort.
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