Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy

There is a stay at home Mom in Minnesota
who designs these samplers.
They are oh so very Zuzu.

Each saying is stitched.
Some are Pithy;
"Better bend than break"
Some are Preachy;
"Do unto others..."
Some are Prayerful;
"Let me try harder to be all I can be"
Some are Proverbial;
"Bless this house..."
Some are Precious;
"What are Little Girls made of..."
Some are Powerful;
"Love me when I least deserve it;
that's when I need it most".
All are Pretty.

Flowers and other garnishments are embroidered,
some with felt cut outs and buttons applied...
frames are antiqued, distressed, patinated
None are Pricey
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