Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bear and Manny

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Bear with Shades

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Professor Bear

Bear is infinitely patient with us.
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Get Fresh Is Open For Business!

Our new neighbor is open for business.
The space is huge... open ,clean, simple,
airy, welcoming and not yet finished.

They have big plans for engaging the neighborhood
in their passion for food...
socials, cooking classes, demonstrations.
Excellent, we think.
All the Zuzus lit right up at the idea of cooking classes together.

When we went in to deliver our Welcome Amaryllis
Carol was behind the counter on her laptop.
She gave us the current newly printed out Menu of The Day.
Delicious and Interesting.

In the refrigerator cases, attractively packaged,
are all the ingredients for a restaurant quality meal.
Soups, Salads, Entrees, Desert.

Steak Au Poivre with Potatoes/ 2-3 servings.
Ingredients are uncooked but flavored.
Instructions on the package are clear .
Cooking time is within a half hour.
So, what we have here is
Mix and Match Gourmet Take Out/Cook In.

Very Nice.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Nicholas Mosse Pottery ...Breakable

This is The Celebration Bowl.
Created to mark the 30th Anniversary
of Nicholas Mosse Pottery...
Handmade in county Kilkenny,Ireland
by Nicholas and his wife Susan.
It has been our priviledge to be one of a very few
shops to offer these one of a kind pieces for sale.
The Celebration Bowl is a Limited Edition,
signed by both Nick and Susan.
Bound to be collectible.
Certainly is all our fabulous
collection of Pottery.
Hence, the Sign for the Unattended Child

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This is a Test

I've been at this today for several hours.
I can see how one gets drawn into this
In the last few days
I have had some pleasantly surprising
positive feedback from neighbors,
customers and friends, mostly
regulars at OTBKB as I am..
(Thank you again, Louise).
So, as a test to see who exactly is out there,
I thought i might post this retail relevant
sign...get some Park Slope reaction.
I will probably regret this.
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Fleece Roses

These Flowery Fleece Neck Wraps are
designed and manufactured by
our Old Friend and One Time Zuzu,
A best seller every winter.

Lizajane has twin daughters ..
born 11/11/88.
I always remember their birthday...
it's a no-brainer.
But, right now I can't remember
if the scarves are $28 or $30.
Great color selections at both
The Big and Little Zu
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Happy 100th Birthday Lorraine

Today is Lorraine's
( The-One-With-The-Hair)
From all the Zuzus Past and Present,
We wish her
Continued Good Health,
Endless Joy,
All our Love,
and the ability someday soon to
get online and read this.
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Go Green...Moss, Grass, or Spring

In the Spirit of Shop Local
and Go Green, we try to do business
with companies within a reasonable
shipping distance.
We are very happy
with this Hand Made Pottery
designed and produced
just across the river in Jersey.
The Color list is exhaustive
and the names
great fun for us Zuzus:
Delphinium, Tequilla, Tomato,
Papaya, Caribbean, Pumpkin,
Chocolate, Marigold, Sunflower,
Butter, Moss, Grass. And our favorite:
La Vida Loca.
Milk Bottles...$27.00
Dipping Bowls...$15.00

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I Love My Dog

I want to include Bear
as a regular in the ZuzuBlog.
A celebrity in his own right,
he spent his first 5 years
as the centerpiece
in our Shop Window
on Seventh Avenue.
He began early on, a fat puppy,
wriggling his way between
and onto the plants and pots
until we gave in and
cleared him his space front and center.
He attracted more attention there
than any other thing we ever displayed.
It is appropriate that we make a space for him
in our new window on the internet.

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Velvet and Silk

New at The Big:
From left to right;
Chocolate, Merlot, Grape, and Licourice
Velvet Scarves imprinted with
Leaves, Feathers, or Fronds and
edged with handtied silk ribbons.
Little Zu has Crushed Velvets in
Stone, Moss, Ivory,Pumpkin and Burgundy.
All Very Gorgeous...$75.00
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Thanksgiving Favorite

I find it very satisfying
to fill a container
with a collection of
seasonal fresh flowers,
fruit and berries .
For me, it's like making a painting.

We Are Soooo Ready For "Get Fresh"

This is our pretty new neighbor "Get Fresh".
We can't wait for them to open with their gourmet
ready to heat and eat least we think
that will be their specialty.
We'll let you know when they are open.

Big Changes On Our Block

We are very excited to see the spaces on the
corner of 6th Street and Fifth Avenue are being
Rumor has it that one will be a Bakery! and, perhaps
for balance, the other a Personal Fitness Trainer

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're Not Getting Old, We've Just Been Around a Long Time

Beautiful Mia has her nose
buried in a vaseful of Zuzuflowers.
Mia is a Third Generation Zuzushopper.
Mia's Grandfather emailed me this photo.
We didn't do the flowers for
her Grandparents' wedding...
but we could have.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Party Dresses for Your Table

This is an old photo of our Table Linens .
Forgive me for not having a more current image
of this Autumn's Collection
You will just have to stop by and see what's new.
Both The Big and Little Zu have great cloths, runners,
and napkins.
Didn't this little blog leap from warm and fuzzy history to

The Kitchen Apron and The Women's Movement

We are old timers here at Zuzu's and remember
when The Apron was not P.C. for Park Slope.

Being new at this Blogthing, I hesitate to mention
anything that might raise the vaguest whiff of "AN ISSUE"...
I shudder when i read some of the fuss made on other Blogs and the tone
some people take when they can vent anonymously.
I admire the thick skin Louise Crawford (OTBKB) seems to have
grown and doubt i will ever follow suit.

Aware as I am that The Simple Kitchen Apron has
( historically to some, myself included) dragged baggage on its strings,
I still want to mention, we have some really cute ones for sale.

Fresh from the Market

Meet Cherry Brandy.
She is the perfect Rose For All Seasons in my book.
In the Spring She holds her own next to the fattest Peony.
In the Summer, She is lush like a juicy Peach.
In the Winter, She brings sunshine to the table.
Her real Specialty is Thanksgiving
where next to the pumpkin pie, she passes for part of the desert.
We have 200 of this delicious Rose fresh from the market.
Next week, when the left over Turkey is just a memory,
Cherry Brandy will still be there to remind you
to be thankful.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

I love Thanksgiving, don't you?
Last week I was looking for some seasonal inspiration and came upon Leo the Appleman. He had the most gorgeous BloodRed Delicious Apples ..right out of Snow White. I bought a case, and while eating them with one hand, I was mixing them with roses in an arrangement with the other.

Thanksgiving 2004

dear friends and family of zuzus petals...
in the early morning of august 26 i sat down at my computer and sent an email to a small group of people telling them of the fire at the store.

i wrote that i was looking for the lesson.

it is 3 months since that morning and i have learned a great deal...
how to read and understand an insurance policy,
how to design a flowershop out of the debris of an old printshop
how to be a general contractor ...practical stuff.

i also learned how much the store meant to so many people. my loss was communal. the enormous outpouring of love and support sustained and enabled me to re-build. it was literally a mandate...up out of the ashes.

this morning i will take bear to the new shop on 5th avenue. it is full of flowers for thanksgiving. i have a picture in my mind of later today ...families and friends gathered around their tables, heads bowed together before the meal to say some sort of prayer of thanks...and in the center my flowers once again there to grace the moment.

the lesson?.... life can change drastically at any moment, something can be terrible and wonderful at the same time. loss and grief can make you strong,everyday is a lesson.

most of all...what goes around comes around and something like that last line from abby road....the love you take is equal to the love you make.

a prayer of thanks from all the zuzus for all of you who have become part of our family.
and now...let's eat!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Friend Jackie Connor

This is our friend Jackie Connor.
In this picture she is sitting on the front steps of Old First Church, corner of Carroll Street and 7th Avenue.
In her right hand is one of the cigarettes that gave her the cancer that took her from us last year ...way too soon.
Jackie was born and grew up in Park Slope.
Jackie married and raised her family on 7th Avenue.
She was a community activist before this neighborhood knew it was a community.
She was here before the first wave of gentrification, and rode out every change with a single-minded devotion to the quality of life on the streets of her hometown.
Jackie was particularly militant when it came to protecting the interests of the small "Mom and Pop" businesses that flourished on 7th and 5th avenue.
She was an avid deterrant to pick-pockets, shop lifters and petty thieves, patrolling up and down the streets equipped with her camera and notepad, recording data on potentially threatening or offensive persons, which she shared with the local police precinct.
And she was a great story teller,true to her Irish blood.
She would say this was getting too long and really boring.
I'm workin' on it, Jack.

This is not Zuzu

Affectionately known as "The One With The Hair", this is Lorraine, "Best Salesgirl in The Universe". She is not Zuzu

We are also not Zuzu

This is a picture of me, Fonda, the owner of Zuzu's Petals and Bear, Best Dog in the Universe

Who is Zuzu?

This is the real Zuzu, not the dog, not the owner, and not "The One With The Hair".

Friday, November 09, 2007

Seed Money


It's a Wonderful Life

Why Zuzu's Petals? or what?

I used to say, for me it was about a confirmation of life and a reality check..maybe that's the same thing.

This will make no sense if you haven't seen The Movie.

Actually, if you haven't seen The Movie, you would have lost interest at hello.


2 days after the fire, our friends Christine and Bill offered their restaurant Cocotte...(french restaurant on 4th street and 5th avenue) for a fund raiser to help start renovating or paying bills or, took me several days to realize none of the zuzus had any income...we accepted.

They provided glorious mounds of food and wine.

We invited 100 of our oldest and dearest customers to party with us and give"seed money" they could redeem later when we re-opened and were back on our feet.

That night i felt like George Bailey in the last scene of "It's a Wonderful Life".

Letting go

Last Wednesday someone started to clean out the debris that's been moldering in the old shop since August 2004 .
Whoever bought the property will probably be knocking the buildings down.
At one point i thought i wanted to get the rainbow, but it's just one last thing i need to let go.

Little Zu

In May 2005, we were offered a small space on Berkeley Place around the corner from our old shop on 7th avenue.
it was an offer we couldn't refuse.
Meet Little Zu ....this shot was taken in May of 2004

Big Zuzu's Gardenshop

Over the last 3 garden seasons we have put down roots in our new garden at 374 Fifth Avenue. While there is no true gardening space there, our emotional roots have dug deep into place.
Every week from march until the frost stops us cold, we stock the most unusual and exciting, yet reliable collection of outdoor plants for the Brooklyn Gardener.
We urban farmers are a special breed, who must fit their passion for growing things into the limited space of brownstone backyards, stoop pots and window sills.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby...

The top photo was taken at 374 Fifth avenue in late November 2004.
The photo below it was taken 6 weeks earlier.
The new Zuzu's Petals.

november 9,2007

you've come along way baby....
long story has been 4 years since the fire .
with the love ,spiritual, and financial support of our customers and friends we re-located and built our new shop at 374 fifth avenue. the new space was designed from our wish list for the perfect flowershop . we have settled in very comfortably.
in the beginning, it was like a honeymoon. everyone was very excited to see us recover and restored to business. lots of hugs and visits from the regulars and encouraging new traffic from the neighbors.
truth is, we are off the beaten path and foot traffic is not the way it was on 7th where we sat in the direct line of home from the subway.
historically, zuzu's petals has evolved organically..a.k.a."grown"... in response to changes, shifts, downtimes in the market. our energy right now is focused on creating a website and planting our roots on the internet.
this is our blog.
if my mother was still alive and (miraculously) computer savy, i am fairly certain she would be my only audience.
i'm workin' on it....