Monday, October 12, 2009

Self Portrait With Kale

Me and my beautiful homegrown Bright Lights Kale
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Monday, September 28, 2009


Craspedia...also called "Billy Balls".
Lorraine says," if you're going to have balls,
they might as well be gold..."
I haven't the foggiest idea, where or how they grow.
For years I thought they were fake...
Actually, I'm not certain they aren't.
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Gerbera, Finesse,Amaryllis, Hydrangea

What fun we had with these flowers last week!
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Cherry Brandy, Ilse Spray and St. Johnswort

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Darling Julia and Bear

Julia visited with Bear last week while her mom shopped
for a Holiday tablecloth.
We all fell in love with her.
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For Time Out Magazine...Mock Bride

We were asked to do a Bridal Bouquet typical of our style,
for Time Out Magazine's Wedding Issue.
After they photographed it, we kept it in a vaseful of water.
It lasted a week.
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2 Brides And A Maid

I love making Bridal Bouquets.
The handful of flowers a woman chooses to carry down the aisle
on her wedding day is as important as her dress,
the way she wears her hair,
her jewelry, make-up, shoes...

Sometimes, a Bride knows exactly what she wants...sometimes not.
My job is to help her articulate her vision,
and choose the best flowers for that special handful.

I always picture my Brides while I make their bouquets.
In my mind they are sitting next to me
watching each bud get tucked into its place.
I put all my floral expertise into selecting and prepping
the flowers...
When I make the bouquet, I put in all my love.
I know I've gotten it right
when I hand a Bride her bouquet,
and she weeps.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mini Orchids

Lots of people have had bad experiences trying to raise Orchids.
In reality, they are easy to grow,
but without proper instructions for care, most overwater.
We offer a new size Phaelenopsis which is easy to grow and not
expensive...proper care instructions are free...
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Last Week's Flowers

Late Summer flowers are a challenge but there are some
very interesting varieties that speak of the season and last well.
Bells of Ireland, Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Millet, P.G.Hydrangea,
Lysmachia, Phlox, and Asters to name a few.
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Sweet Autumn Clematis...Named Well

This is one of several "volunteers"that have draped themselves
around my garden. They are climbing the Blue Atlas Cedar,
obliterating the out-of-favor Pfizer Juniper, encircling the
Hydrangea Bushes.
Their fragrance is intoxicating as long as you don't get
too close where it wanders into overly sweet and cloying.
Be warned, a Sweet Autumn Clematis planted in the garden
has a mind of its own.
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