Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Brides And A Maid

I love making Bridal Bouquets.
The handful of flowers a woman chooses to carry down the aisle
on her wedding day is as important as her dress,
the way she wears her hair,
her jewelry, make-up, shoes...

Sometimes, a Bride knows exactly what she wants...sometimes not.
My job is to help her articulate her vision,
and choose the best flowers for that special handful.

I always picture my Brides while I make their bouquets.
In my mind they are sitting next to me
watching each bud get tucked into its place.
I put all my floral expertise into selecting and prepping
the flowers...
When I make the bouquet, I put in all my love.
I know I've gotten it right
when I hand a Bride her bouquet,
and she weeps.
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