Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas...say it with flowers

Red Hearts, Black Magic Roses
Ranunculus ,Anemones,Green
St.Johnswort,Red Ilex Berries

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Friday, December 10, 2010

simple gifts

We have a wallful of the sweetest hand sewn samplers.
well priced from $18.
perfect for your friend, your mom, your sister,
your favorite gardener...
totally for the sentimental sort in your life.

Lovely porcelain vases from $20-$350.
each comes in its own neat muslin covered box

Set of 2 Vintage label cans.
use your imagination or just leave them empty

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Thanksgiving Feast for The Eye

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It took us 6 years but we are pleased as punch with
Zuzus awning. It was installed almost 6 years to the day
we re-opened on Fifth Avenue.
Come check it out.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rainbow Man-

The summer I took over the then
family and I rented the first of many houses in Cape Cod.
I was full of ideas for how to make the shop my own...
And filled with fear of the responsibility I had just taken on.

During a leisurely walk through Provincetown,
we wandered down a side alley towards the water.
We came upon a man on a stool playing a concertina.
He had long curly hair and a gold front tooth.
He was really mellow.
Behind him was his shop;
glass fronted with a million crystals of all shapes and sizes
hanging in the windows catching the sun...
casting rainbows all over the white walls.

Inside was his artwork, all rainbow themed simple,
childlike paintings and prints...and his then wife:
The Rainbow Lady.
He was, of course, The Rainbow Man...
and this was their Rainbow Shop.

Looking back , it's easy to be cynical...
of course they were stoned
and still living the 60's life...
But what struck me that day was how good I felt being
in that shop and how that feeling stayed with me after we left.

That was what I wanted my shop to do...
Make people feel good and want to come back.
And, in the bargain, have a lovely place to spend my days
so my job would never feel like work.

I can't honestly say that Zuzus Petals never feels like work,
but more often than not, there is something lovely that happens
between the vasefuls of flowers, the plants, the stuff,
the dog and the people:
That lovely thing is joy.
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nick Mosse Celebration Bowl

Woodsy Wild

Cedars, Leucodendron, Brunera, Roses, St. Johnswort
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Bear likes nothing better than to hang with the kids on the block.
He thinks he is one of them.
Most of the time, they do too.
These are 3 of his favorite girlfriends
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For The Palm House

These were the centerpieces for an event at BBG.
Minigreen Hydrangea,White Lysmachia,
Green Trick, White Lizyanthus, Mondial Roses.
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Roses, Peonies, Calla Lilies

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Weddings at The Palm House

One of the loveliest places to stage an event is The Palm House
at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
The glass enclosed space is bright and airy.
The view to the gardens on the west side is spectacular,
changing with the seasons.
The BBG people are professional, creative, co-operative,
and never seem jaded or tired of pleasing,
despite the hundreds of events they have
It is always a pleasure to make flowers for
an event there.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roses, St. Johnswort ,Seeded Eucalyptus

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october 24 bride

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10.30 2010 Brides

My favorite spray roses "Lucy,
coupled with Cherry Brandy,
Green Beauty,St. Johnswort,
Pine cone Leucodendron and Rose hips.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August Bride and 2 Maids

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My Passiflora

I am in awe of these flowers.
How could you not believe in a higher power
when these petals unfurl to reveal their insides.
Each one lasts only one day for me.
They are vining all over a Eugenia Topiary
on my front porch, in a protected corner,
with afternoon sun.
All my neighbors have brought
at least one other person over to ooh and ahhh.
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