Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's Cooking At " Get Fresh"

Kelley and Caroll, our favorite new neighbors on The Block, emailed their very attractive newsletter for me to include in Zuzu's Blog.
Find it below.
Forgive me for not being able to transfer their pretty pictures and logo along with the text .
I tried...
Anyway,we're thinkin' there is some kind of pretty sumptuous romantic Valentine's Day combination that one could put together with The Get Fresh 3 Course Menu and an armload...or handful... of Zuzu's Flowers.
How much more cozy and intimate than yet another dinner out.
Stay home, eat well, snuggle....

In the month of February, when you buy anything at Get Fresh, you get a free one-day pass to New York Sports Club on 9th Street! Existing NYSC members get $5 off their order of $50 or more. Simply show us your membership card-it's that easy to Get Fresh and Get Fit!
Free Local Tastings
Ice Cream Tasting!Adirondack Ice CreamFebruary 2, 12 - 2pmChocolate Tasting!Cocoa VinoFebruary 10, 3-5pm
Movie Night
February 5 7:30 pmSustainable Table presents The MeatrixLearning about sustainable food and the problems with factory farming can be daunting at first, but, with a little effort, you can quickly learn enough to make the safest and wisest food choices for you and your family. The Meatrix series presents the issues surrounding factory farms and Susatainable Table and their Eat Well Guide gives you the resources to make sustainable food choices.Suggested donation: $5
Join Our List

We have lots of exciting things happening in February at Get Fresh, including a cooking class with Peter Berley, cooking and nutrition classes for kids and adults with Laura Fischer-Harbage, and Get Fresh First Tuesdays at the movies featuring Sustainable Table and The Meatrix! We look forward to seeing you at Get Fresh, your locally owned, locally focused, and locally delicious source of real meals ready to cook!
Ready to cook Valentine's Day Menu:
Spice-crusted Hudson Valley rack of lamb with potato gratin or Winter squash risotto
Roasted beet, blood orange, and arugula salad or Roasted pumpkin soup
Bittersweet chocolate and caramel terrine, or Fudgy brownies with Ronnybrook Vanilla ice cream3 course dinner for 2 $70Available February 14, 15 and 16. Order by February 8th.Free delivery in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill$30 delivery to Manhattan. Call 718-360-8469 to place your order, or
click here for more info.
Author of The Flexitarian Table and Fresh Food Fast, and instructor at The Natural Gourmet Institute, Peter Berley will teach us how to create inspired, flexible meals for vegetarians, meat lovers and everyone in between! February 24 from 1pm - 3pmCost: $40RSVP: Prepayment required by February 17. Call 718-360-8469 to reserve your spot.

Cooking Classes for Kids and the Ones Who Love Them
It's just a fact-kids love to get in elbows deep and cook! And even better, they love to try the things they make. So why not start your child down a path of excellent food choices the fun way-with Delectables for Ducklings. From baked goods to full meals, at these classes you and your child will learn to make a variety of delicious, healthy foods. Parents will learn tips to get their kids to eating better and everyone will learn about great nutrition and easy ways to get it. While the oven bakes our masterpieces we will do a small edible project. After it's all cooked, we will taste together and of course send you home with whatever you don't finish. Parents and kids alike will learn a lot-and have an absolutely ducky time doing it! Classes are taught by Laura Fischer-Harbage, Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor who specializes in family nutrition. Come find out what everyone is quacking about!
February 15 from 3:30-5pm (ages 2 -5 with caregiver)Cost: $40 (for child and caregiver)RSVP: Prepayment required by February 13. Call 718-360-8469 to reserve your spot.What we will make: Sweet potato muffins & a rainbow of fruity spreads

Transitions: Integrating Your Baby or Toddler into a Family Meal
This class is designed to help you plan meals and prepare meals for the whole family. Whether your baby is now ready to move on from basic purees to more complex foods, or you have a child for whom you have been cooking "special toddler meals", this class will help you unify your meals at home so that all can eat "table foods" together! We will cover your child's nutritional needs and how to meet them, as well as tips to address fussy eaters before it becomes a problem. Suggestions are quick and easy with the objective of making one meal to accomodate the entire family. This is the first step to phase out child vs. grown-up meals. We will also discuss how to transform your routine cooking to simple yet extraordinary, healthful meals. February 9 from 1-2:30 pmCost: $25 RSVP: Prepayment required by February 6. Call 718-360-8469 to reserve your spot.
Strategies for your Picky Eater
If you are one of the many parents who stresses about what your children eat-or more likely won't eat-this class is for you! Come and learn strategies that really work to help expand your child's food repertoire. Learn what your child's nutritional needs are, effective ways to meet them, and efficient meal planning and preparation for the whole family.February 23 from 1-2:30 pmCost: $25 RSVP: Prepayment required by February 20. Call 718-360-8469 to reserve your spot.

More information on all these events can be found on our website at See you soon!

Caroll and KelleyGet Fresh

And Now it's Only 15 More Days Till Valentine's

Friday, January 25, 2008

Zuzu's Happy Pens

We are going to put our order in for Zuzu's Happy Pens.
Brightly colored thread is wrapped around your
everyday cheap BIC and personalized, turning
an ordinary pen into an instrument of joy.
My Grandkids love do all the Zuzus....
AND my Lawyer.
$40 by the dozen, assorted colors, up to 12 characters.
Be creative.
Big Zu 718 638-0918
Little Zu 718 636-2022

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20 More Days Till Valentine's Day

These are a few of our newest Valentine's Day Greeting Cards.
Simple sweet images on the outside, blank on the inside...
plenty of room for you to personalize your
own expressions of affection and devotion.
And back by popular demand, our red glass hearts.
Cards$3.75 and up
Glass Hearts $1.00
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Zuzu To Go

In the spirit of our new neighbor "Get Fresh" and their
"ready to cook meals to go"....
we now offer:" Zuzu To Go".
A small gathering of Fresh Cut Flowers in a frosted
Lavender or Lime take-out food box.
Order ahead and we'll have it ready for pick-up.
Starting around $25.00 and up depending on the ingredients.
Big Zu 718 638-0918
Little Zu 718 636-2022

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get Fresh...A Good Neighbor for Zuzu

We are so happy with our newest neighbor"Get Fresh" .
They turned an unoccupied eyesore on our
block into a big, open, attractive, retail space.

Their "real meals-ready to cook" offer a welcome
alternative for busy Park Slopers who enjoy eating
good food at home and don't have lots of extra time for
hunting/ gathering/ preparing.

They are enthusiastically jumping right into the
community by offering classes on nutrition
and family meal planning.

Beginning this Saturday January 26th and
every alternate Saturday through
March 22 from 1:00-2:30 P.M.,
"Get Fresh" will open its doors to parents interested in
feeding their kids good food that is good for them.

Classes will focus on Nutrition and Child -Wellness,
Food Allergies, and
Oh! Bless us all! : The Picky Eater.

Laura Fischer-Harbage, a Holistic Nutritionist,
will share her expertise in preparing healthy and tasty foods

$25 per class or 3 classes for $60.
Space is limited can call them or...better yet, email
Landline: 718 360-8469

Tell them Zuzu sent you.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Blushing Heart Vase

These vintage style vases are a warm Blush Pink.
Both Heart-shaped and round are perfect for
any Valentine. The open grid frog top
allows for easy arranging.
Available empty in Blush, Clear, Green and Blue
$18 -$45
Stuffed full of Zuzuflowers
$40 and up
Order Early... our supply is limited
Big Zu 718 638-0918
Little Zu 718 636-2022
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Bear and Lulu

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Friday, January 18, 2008

This is a Real Flower

This pendulous florescence lives in the
New York Botanic Gardens.
It hangs from a lush vine which covers an
archway spanning one side of a glass house to the other.
It is in bloom in January and February
when they have their Orchid Show.
That's when I saw it first .

It is that incredible Aqua color one might
associate with a Ford Fairlane
or a Chevy with big fins from the 50's.
my first 2 wheeled bicycle
was that color...

When I see this sort of stuff in Nature
it makes me believe in God.

Don't You Love This?

This is one of my favorite things we sell.
Lots of companies are into the "word thing":
cut from metal, painted on wood, etched in stone.

I am not a fan.
Too warm and fuzzy even for me.
But, I make an exception for
"always kiss me goodnight"...
Oh, yeah,
and one other:
"It's a Wonderful Life".

$45 at either The Big or Little Zu

Last One Out

We used to sell these in the 7th Avenue shop
It's a little iron cards, photos, recipes.
The company we bought it from listed it as
"Chef on a Goose".
Lorraine called it "Cook on a Duck."

One day last Spring, I was coming out of Leaf and Bean.
I had decided that it was time I got over never walking past the old Zuzus.
Almost 3 years since the fire.
It depresses me to see it all boarded up,
The Rainbow in need of fresh paint it will never get.

So, I went to visit our old friends at the L.N'B.
and bought a bag of my favorite coffee.
As I passed Zuzus gate,
I saw something sticking out of the bottom of the plywood
which covers the window.
It was the little"Cook on a Duck" halfway in and halfway out.

I reached in and pulled it free.

It took that little guy almost 3 years
to climb through the rubble,
making his way towards that crack of daylight.

Everyonce in a while, I walk by to check,
But I do believe, he was
The Last One Out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

29 More Days Till Valentine's Day

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Zuzu and Her Roses

Zuzu's original Petals were from a Rose
won as a prize by George Bailey's
youngest daughter in a spelling bee.
{It's a Wonderful Life}.
This is not the reason I have a passion for Roses...
but it fits nicely.

A very, very long time ago, when just a "Baby Florist"
I was scornful of the Rose, The Gladiola, Mum and Carnation.
Not for me the common, boring, typical Refrigerator Flower.
Give me Delphinium, Freesia, Anemones, and Hydrangea.
Tulips, Narcissus, Lilac and Peonies.

In the course of my 38 lucky years working with Flowers,
I have grown to appreciate them all...and adore most.
Yes, even Gladiolas.
{Available now in Purple and Green!}
And look what they have done to the Roses...





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Valentine's Day comes out on a Thursday this year.
For Zuzu's that's usually a good thing.
Yes, the day of the week makes a difference.
I will explain.

Valentine's Day is like the Oasis in the Desert of Winter.
Okay, not a great literary analogy, but accurate.
It can mean the extra little cushion that carries us
through till it begins to feel like Spring.

If it comes early in the week,
flowers are likely to be sent to the workplace...
not home.
We do better when The Day falls closer to the weekend.

UNLESS President's Day falls on the following Monday
which means that some people take the long weekend
to go away.

AND if that week happens to be Winter Break and the schools
are closed...well, it effects how many zuzushoppers
indulge their loved ones in floral indications of affection.

Valentine's Day ...I love it and I hate it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Odont. ...maybe

I love Genus to know what things are called
and figure out why.
So, I hate when I get an Orchid without a tag.
I have lots of books which identify them,
but it isn't always easy to get it right.

This big beautiful specimen flowers
heavily, sometimes four stalks at a time,
arching gracefully over the foliage in several directions.
And just like some Orchids are designed to do,
it will emit a fragrance to attract its polinator.
This one imitates the fragrance of cherries and chocolate
around 9 A.M. in my high North window.
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Jane's Cat

Kitty's version of "Cat in a Hat"
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Another Favorite

I think this little gem is called "Howarea".
It is an Orchid...miniature.
It's sword like leaves fill the pot
and every few months it shoots out delicate
wirey stems that burst into garnet and gold blossoms
reminiscent of Oncidium.
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My White Phaelenopsis

This is one of my Best Performing Orchids.
I inherited it from my musician-friend Carol because
she was on the road and unable to care for it.
It was a gift to her from Ben Taylor...
James Taylor and Carly Simon's son.
He was touring with Dar Williams and Carol
was her Percussionist.
By way of performance, this Phaelenopsis
produced huge white flowers from the same
stalk for one and a half years.
I'd give it a Grammy.
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Hail To The Humble Houseplant

It is surely Winter today.
I am sitting in my kitchen looking out at my garden.
My 40 year old Pine Trees are whipping around in the wind.
My glorious Hanoki Cypress and faithful Taxus Yews are
blackened from the cold.
My Rhododendrons have their leaves pinched and curled back
like a misbehaving puppy caught in the act.
The stripped brown shoots of my beloved Hydrangea bushes
offer no hint of their lush summer flowers and foliage.
The lawn and flowerbeds are frozen rock solid.

The sun pours through the windows of this house,
its rays reaching the far wall of every room.
There to greet and absorb the light are my houseplants.

For this Gardener, The Indoor Plant is a Friend Indeed.
What would I do without them after
putting my garden to bed for the winter?

I am comforted and calmed watching my plants
take in the winter sun.
When I water them, an earthy fragrance fills the house
and brings me a bit of the growing season I love.