Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Valentine's Day comes out on a Thursday this year.
For Zuzu's that's usually a good thing.
Yes, the day of the week makes a difference.
I will explain.

Valentine's Day is like the Oasis in the Desert of Winter.
Okay, not a great literary analogy, but accurate.
It can mean the extra little cushion that carries us
through till it begins to feel like Spring.

If it comes early in the week,
flowers are likely to be sent to the workplace...
not home.
We do better when The Day falls closer to the weekend.

UNLESS President's Day falls on the following Monday
which means that some people take the long weekend
to go away.

AND if that week happens to be Winter Break and the schools
are closed...well, it effects how many zuzushoppers
indulge their loved ones in floral indications of affection.

Valentine's Day ...I love it and I hate it.

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