Friday, January 18, 2008

Last One Out

We used to sell these in the 7th Avenue shop
It's a little iron cards, photos, recipes.
The company we bought it from listed it as
"Chef on a Goose".
Lorraine called it "Cook on a Duck."

One day last Spring, I was coming out of Leaf and Bean.
I had decided that it was time I got over never walking past the old Zuzus.
Almost 3 years since the fire.
It depresses me to see it all boarded up,
The Rainbow in need of fresh paint it will never get.

So, I went to visit our old friends at the L.N'B.
and bought a bag of my favorite coffee.
As I passed Zuzus gate,
I saw something sticking out of the bottom of the plywood
which covers the window.
It was the little"Cook on a Duck" halfway in and halfway out.

I reached in and pulled it free.

It took that little guy almost 3 years
to climb through the rubble,
making his way towards that crack of daylight.

Everyonce in a while, I walk by to check,
But I do believe, he was
The Last One Out.

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