Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bear and Baby Boy

On Valentine's Day, the Big zuzuboys
volunteered to do all our deliveries.
We were thrilled for the most part
until we discovered them
taking a lunchbreak at Santa Fe
where we pictured them
schlucking down the Margeuritas.
We were wrong...
At the end of the day they picked up
Baby Alejandrozuzu
at his babysitter's
and gave him the Bear treatment...
funny glasses and a photosession.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Phaels

We are easily seduced by new and unusual plants and flowers.
Our latest love is baby Phaelenopsis Orchids.
Nicely set in 2 inch teracotta thumbpots,
sporting at least one full set of leaves
with a spike of 5-6 tiny blossoms and buds.
Perfect for whetting the appetite of any
beginning Orchidist.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Plant Favorites Just In

Top: Violet leaf Oxalis is one of our most requested plants.
It grows well indoors in a bright window and is a great addition
to a planter of mixed Annuals in the Spring.
Below that is an extremely exotic but hardy Fern...
We call it Elk Horn .
It adapts well to brownstone life...not at all demanding.
The lovely leaved plant just ,above is an old Victorian favorite,
finding new popularity with modern plant lovers.
Each one of these varieties is available this week at Big Zuzu
on Fifth Avenue
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Recession Bouquets

This week's Recession Specials feature wine colored Daisy
Poms edged in cream, sunny golden Alstromeria,
pumpkin St. Johnswort and green Trachellium.
With proper re-cutting and fresh water every few days,
these well priced bunches will last more than 10 days.
$10 and up
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This Week's Favorite Flowers

Top frame shows Judy to the left and Big Fun to her right
Frame above shows Finess.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We have been working on our website for a pretty long time.
It hasn't been easy to translate the zuzuessence into the virtual world.
Zuzu's appeal is sensory:
How to capture enough of that warm and fuzzy
in a practical, coherent, useful
internet tool...
we're almost there.
coming to your screen soon
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Monday, February 09, 2009

5 More Days Till Vday

"More Bang for Your Valentine's Day Buck"
Isn't this better than 12 red Roses in a vase?
We think so...
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Rose Arrangements

Nothing is better than a mix of a few Roses, Amaryllis and Hydrangea
So much better than just a dozen Roses in a vase.
And much more bang for your Valentine's Day Buck
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Trump Roses

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Cherry Brandy Roses

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Faith Roses

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Valentine's Day Roses 2009

We put in our order for Valentine's Roses.
We will have about 5 varieties of red:
Black Magic, Freedom, Cherry Love, Forever Young
Sexy Red!
Trump...Apricot, Peachy Orange
Cool Water....Pictured above
Manitou...Huge and deep saturated Dark Pink
Cherry Brandy...Warm sunshiney orange yellow inside, red-pink outside
Faith...Old Fashioned dusty Pink and Cream.
All our choices are Top Quality and have proven themselves to be long lasting.
We stuck with our reliable favorites so we minimize any unpleasant surprises.
No one wants an unpleasant surprise on THE DAY!
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Porcelain Pears

Another favorite coming for Spring:
These Porcelain Pears hold just a shoot or 2 snipped
from the garden .Perfect in Pairs.
Not expensive either
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Lightable Bulbs

We were very conservative at The Gift Show.
Had to keep our hands in our pockets and
watch our purchases.
But these budding Hyacinth Bulbs got us at hello.
They are candles.
They are inexpensive and fit the zuzu requirement:
10 on the Joymeter.
Coming in time for Earth Day.
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The ReZUZable Bag

When we first heard all the rumbling about plastic bags
and the Park Slope Food Coop banning them,we started
thinking about our consumption of them.
Granted, we re-use them for cleaning up after Bear,
but he doesn't produce enough waste to keep up with our supply.

Shopping with our conservation minded friends convinced us
to start accumulating re-usable bags them.
It didn't take long to figure out we needed to design one
for the shop and it only took 3 of us to come up with the
RE -ZUZ -ABLE bag.
Above is a picture of the sample bag which we have approved.
We are hoping to have these in hand for Earth Day
April 22....a great celebration is planned.
alll zuzufans will be invited.
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