Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Apartment is For Sale

This is my sweet apartment on Sterling Place.
I have moved out all my things and it is for sale or rent.
It is 1150 square feet, the main living room, dining room
open and airy with a wall of windows facing north.
There is a wood burning fireplace.
The kitchen has custom designed cherry cabinets,
efficient counter sace, a dish washer, and laundry.

The bedroom is almost as large as the living/dining room.
enough room for a comfy sitting area or office space.
Also with oversized North facing windows.
There are 6 closets including a"walk in" off the bedroom.

There is central air conditioning and heating.
The unit is in the apartment for comfort control.
There is also a big hot water heater.
The apartment faces the gardens on Park Place so it is very quiet,
as is the building as a whole.
If you are interested, please email me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowed in at The Beach

Bear and I woke up to a second day of white...
all the wet snow shoveled yesterday had begun to melt.
Overnight the temperature dropped and turned everything to ice .
and just for good measure, fresh snow covered it all.
Our dead end street is unplowed and frozen.
No getting to Zuzus today.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reindeer Zuzus and Mrs. Claus

Last Saturday at The Big, Zuzudeers, Mrs. Claus and
the chorus warmed up for the First Annual
Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID
Holiday Tree and Menorah Lighting.
And then warmed up some more afterward at The Gate
where one of the Zuzudeers somehow misplaced
her Reindeer suit.
A new one was rush freighted yesterday...
just in time for our second late night Snowflake Festival.
Tonight join us at The Big till 10 P.M.
to do the Shop Local thing and have
some nice wine and cheese.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hot Flash Flower Fan in Action Mode

This battery powered flowerfriend spreads its petals and
spins like a little dervish to provide
a cool breeze and instant relief from the sudden
discomfort of "The Changes".
Comes in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, and Mellow Yellow.
Supply is limited.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hot Flash Flower Fan

Okay. It's here.
The gift all the Ladies on Zuzus Ladies' List have waited for.
Perfect for every Gurrlfriend over that certain age when
body temperature and hormones take on a life
of their own .

We call it "The Hot Flash Flower Fan"
Above is a photo of it at rest.
I'll try to download an action shot: see next post.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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Day Sky

You really can't take a bad picture at the beach
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Jupiter Venus and The Moon

Tonight Bear and I came home from work at 5:30.
We walked to the beach and while he was checking out
all the animal fragrances in the dunes,
i took some pictures of the night sky:
if you look carefully you can see the Moon upper left,
Jupiter and Venus lower right.
I hear we will not see this again until 2052...well, not me maybe,
unless i make it to 104.
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Family Wig

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Bear's Beloved Gabriella

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Amanda Panda Does Her Dishes

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My Paphiopedelum

Who wouldn't love this Orchid?
There is something special that I feel
when this sort of miracle occurs in my window.
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Our "Mom and Popshops

The Park Slope Merchants Associations
encourage you all to
Healthy, viable local business is essential to the vitality of any community.
Especially relevant in Park Slope where we relish our "small town "essence.
When you spend local, that money stays local, and is re-circulated many times over. A majority of Merchants doing business on our avenues, live here, shop here, send their kids to our schools,care about this neighborhood.
Businesses not based here, typically do not contribute to our local economy, or the quality of life we are all concerned about.
Our "Mom and Popshops" are Park Slope advocates on the front lines every day. Concerned about sanitation, crime, traffic congestion, safety, parking, development...
urban issues that effect us and our neighbors.
Our Merchant Associations organize to address these issues, networking together with other community groups to create the loudest voice .
So this Holiday Season come check out "the locals".
We are here for you.

Thursday December 4th and 11th The Zuzus will be part of the Second Annual Snowflake Event
Shops on 5th and 7th Avenue will stay open till 10PM .
We will have some nice wine to sip, some special finger foods to taste, and a 10% discount on all gift items over $25.00...if you know this secret password...just say,
"It's A Wonderful Life"
Please join us in celebrating this Holiday Season.
With Love,
Fonda and all the zuzus

Waiting on My Reindeer Suit

The Zuzugirls had so much Halloween fun this year
in our witchy wigs and googley eyes,
I was inspired to search for more ways to dress us up.
We sure do need some fun right now.
Taking the lead from The Fifth Avenue BID
and my Mrs. Klaus costume search, I was
drawn to this Reindeer suit.
It immediately appealed to my Inner Child.
I think some of us will be fighting over it.

Orchid Love

I just threw out 3 of my Orchids. This was no small thing.
I have been gearing up for it, even had them out of the plant
room a few weeks ago...but couldn't do it.
Two of the three were "The Twins";
a pair of Wildcat Odontoglossum
that grew and bloomed simultaneously
for years.

I fell for Orchids hard and big time after a visit to the
Marie Selby Gardens in Florida about 6 years ago.
I couldn't get enough of them and
they thrived in my high up North
window facing Park Place.

Orchid mania is rampant among Orchid Fanciers.
They are seductive in a way no other plant family manages to be.
Exotic bordering on erotic, their flower forms are brilliantly
and specifically designed to lure their pollinator...
and the collector.

Since I moved my Orchids to a sunny South window
here at the beach, they have gone downhill.
No longer bursting to offer their blooms, they grow stringy
and weak. I know it is my failure to adapt to their new needs.
I also think such exotica can only survive for a bit in domestication.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Mrs Claus Joins Mr. and Lights Tree in JJByrne

I just got this message from Aunt Suzie and was asked to pass it on.

SAT. DEC 6 at 5 PM

This is the costume i ordered to wear for the tree lighting. I am Mrs. Claus. See the nipped in waist?
I am on my way upstairs to alter it with my trusty scissors,pins,staples, whatever it takes to make it work.

Followers Welcome

YAY!!!!!! We have our first follower!!!!!!!
We are not alone!!!!!

Late Night at Zuzus

Shop Local....Buy Brooklyn.
Big Zu will host 2 late nights.
Thursday December 4 and 11 till 10p.m.
Come sip some nice wine,
taste some special finger foods, and
with the secret password, get a 10% discount
on gifts over $25.
Just say"
It's A Wonderful Life"
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Blog Followers

Moving right along in the spirit of building
a zuzuweb presence, I added a Follower Widget
to the Blog....and actually think
I know what that means.

Right now, way up at the top of the page,
is a big fat zero next to the followers list.
I am hoping that someone, besides my biggest fan,
(pictured above) will become a follower.
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By The Time We Got To Woodstock

Thirty nine and a half years too late.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's Hiding in My Hydrangea?

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Bear and the Re-Blooming Echinacea

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Roses Roses Roses

An armload of:
Creme De La Creme
Big Fun
Cherry Brandy
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I have said before that a hundred years ago
when I was a baby florist, I had no passion for Roses.
For me the Anemone, Delphinium, Ranunculus,
the unusual, the rare, the "special".
I still favor the unusual and rare,
but look what they have done with the Roses.

This Rose was new to me .
Literally, a handful, in that when I spread
my hand over it, my hand was full.
The color is well represented in this photo.
What is missing is the fragrance...
dusky sweet old damask close your eyes and smile.
Capriccio..I have orderd some for Wednesday
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What's New at Little Zu

During Gardenseason, much of our attention is focused on The Big .
Little Zu, sadly, gets a bit of the short end.
All Spring and Summer her big rugged older sister
is all decked out in her gardenwear:
trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, tools,
paraphernalia for slogging about in the backyard.

Pretty dainty all dressed up Little Zu doesn't like all that dirt.
She favors her linens and pretty bowls, colored candles, and girly girl treats.
But now, Little Zu is all ready for her favorite time of year:
The Holidays.
Sporting a great selection of linens, runners, and napkins to dress the holiday table,
as well as so many frothy knit throws
to spruce up that comfy couch
or corner chair in the living room.

New this year are a number of small stained glass lamps to light up a neglected corner.
She has agreed to share some of her special things with The Bigster.
She can't fit everything in her cozy space.
You are cordially invited to visit our Little Miss Zu and all her finery.
158A Berkeley Place
718 636-2022
Wednesday- Friday
Suday 11-6
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