Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Orchid Love

I just threw out 3 of my Orchids. This was no small thing.
I have been gearing up for it, even had them out of the plant
room a few weeks ago...but couldn't do it.
Two of the three were "The Twins";
a pair of Wildcat Odontoglossum
that grew and bloomed simultaneously
for years.

I fell for Orchids hard and big time after a visit to the
Marie Selby Gardens in Florida about 6 years ago.
I couldn't get enough of them and
they thrived in my high up North
window facing Park Place.

Orchid mania is rampant among Orchid Fanciers.
They are seductive in a way no other plant family manages to be.
Exotic bordering on erotic, their flower forms are brilliantly
and specifically designed to lure their pollinator...
and the collector.

Since I moved my Orchids to a sunny South window
here at the beach, they have gone downhill.
No longer bursting to offer their blooms, they grow stringy
and weak. I know it is my failure to adapt to their new needs.
I also think such exotica can only survive for a bit in domestication.
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