Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009


I am not a fan of Gerbera but sometimes, there is a color
that grabs me and it ends up for sale at Zuzus
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My Camera Has a Mind of Its' Own

These are 2 photos of the same batch of Sunny Milva .
My Camera wants to be a painter
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I cannot resist this Rose.
It delivers more than one would ever think to ask.
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Better Shot

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PInwheel Protea

A long time ago one of my very smart friends said
"Flowers are slow motion fire works".
Yes, of course we were stoned but,
what a lovely description of flower development.

Pinwheel Protea demonstrate the concept best.
Atop a sturdy wooden stem is perched
an umbel of delicate threadlike spikes which
exactly captures, to my mind,
the magic moment during a pyrotechnic display
when the sky above explodes
in a shower of light and color.
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Breakdown Buying with Bear

Truck loaded with shrubs, perennials and Orchids.
sailing along in the fast lane on Northern State Parkway.
Bear and I finishing up our turkey wraps and drinks.
suddenly feel the engine die...

My heart lurches into crisis mode.
able to make it safely across 3 lanes to shoulder.
Traffic whizzing past rattles us while I call AAA.

NOTE: AAA trucks are not allowed on the parkways,
so, one must wait for an AUTHORIZED tow truck to
remove you from the road to a place where a second tow truck...
Authorized by AAA
will re-load you and drive you to your mechanic of choice.

NOTE: Try not to break down with your dog...
I couldn't tell who was more frightened by the other's proximity in the towtruck cab:
Bear or the two burly drivers who flatbedded us home.

Back home at the mechanic's we unloaded most everything
and drove it to the shop in tom's SUV...of course
unloading anything at the shop this last month
with the never ending construction
across the street, is a challenge.
back to the mechanic's for the rest of the plants
which are now resting in my garden waiting to finish their journey to Zuzus.
Next I'll tell about the First Failed Foxfarm delivery
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snow White, Dopey and Buddha

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Orange Chinch

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Sweet Peas

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Dutch Masters

These Tulips were inspiration for the Dutch Painters way
before they made their way to Zuzu's counter.
A gorgeous combination of nascent green bud and flashy
full blossom.
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A Zuzumoon

I had to pull over and take this shot of the full moon.
I was on my way to the flowermarket
at 4:30 A.M. Wednesday.

When I downloaded and cropped this picture,
I was thrilled to see the "Z" across the Moon's face.
And no, it is not for "Zorro"
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FoxFarm Organic Soils and Fertilizers

This Tuesday, April 14th, the Zuzus will get
a truckload of shit delivered:
Organic Fertilizer and Soils from Foxfarm:
the Microbrewery of Soil Culture.
Of course, it will all be wrapped in pretty packages,
but, in essence, this is some fabulous, expensive SHIT:
Worm Castings fortified with feathermeal, bonemeal,

We are starting our collection with 6 specialized fertilizers:
Tomato and Vegetable
Fruit and Flower
Acid Loving
Japanese Maple
All purpose

Soils will be in 12 Quart bags with a carry handle
and is billed as "handcrafted"...
Our Zuzugarden expert Karen did some good research.
We are happy to offer this line of Organics
to complement the Organic Veggies we ordered.
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

Reiger Begonias

Begonias have long been a favorite of the Indoor
and the Outdoor Gardener.
Cultivated for both their foliage and their flowers,
their uses are varied.
Whether combined with shade annuals in a garden planter,
or featured in an heirloom cache pot in the living room
Begonias strive to please.
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Gumdrop Leucodendron and Antique Hydrangea

We love this subtle color combination...
creamy buttery off white with hints of sagey green
and a blush of toasty rose.
We like to think Leucodendron is one of those real old
transition plants which carries the best traits
of its cone bearing ancestors
into the age of the flowering seed producers.
Hey! We know some stuff!
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Hellebore and Columbine...Nice

It is always nice for us to have pretty plants to put in the
wheeled wagon outside in front of the shop.
This week we have Hellebore, Columbine, Miniature Roses,
Cyclamen, Begonias, Gerber Daisies and Pansies.
Delicious...and good for you.
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Bunnyboy's Lament

Check me out... real cute and sweet ...right?
Just like a little kid at Halloween except for the frown.
I am clearly not a happy camper, and i am not a kid...
just turned 35.

Here I am trapped in this Bunnysuit,
forever the supplicant awaiting a Halloween treat.
Propped up in a corner on the landing,
half way up and half way down.
My Jack o' lantern is empty.
not one bite sized Milky Way,
Babe Ruth, or Hershey's with Almonds..not even
a lousy Cliff bar or Lady Apple.

You wouldn't think this was an improvement over my early life
because I used to live at Zuzu's Petals.
ah, you say, "lucky little Bunnyboy!"
NOPE...not lucky Bunnyboy at all.

Sure, they would drag me out once a year and
stick me in the window with lots of Chrysanthemums
and The Dog.
A quick spongebath, a fresh pricetag and Bob's Your Uncle.
I'm for sale again.
Then, round about Thanksgiving, it's back in the dirty corner
with all the other seasonal stuff and the dog's furballs.
I used to think I was destined for a better life.

Well, now I live at home with the head Zuzu and she
leaves me out all year because she loves me.
The dog knocks me over sometimes on his way up or down,
and his furballs still collect around me
but now I have a view of the garden
and there are 2 little girls next door who come to visit.

I still have no treats in my pumpkin, but I never give up hope.
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easter Lily

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Gilly Flowers?

I know these from my garden books as Wallflowers, but
from a favorite childhood storybook,
I know them as Gilly Flowers.
There was a mention of a buttery yellow,
fragrant early spring flower that always bloomed beneath
the window sill at the same time the birds began to build their nests.
It was an early hint at what lay in store for me
in the Garden.
We have a dozen fat pots of them waiting to be scooped up.
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