Saturday, April 11, 2009

FoxFarm Organic Soils and Fertilizers

This Tuesday, April 14th, the Zuzus will get
a truckload of shit delivered:
Organic Fertilizer and Soils from Foxfarm:
the Microbrewery of Soil Culture.
Of course, it will all be wrapped in pretty packages,
but, in essence, this is some fabulous, expensive SHIT:
Worm Castings fortified with feathermeal, bonemeal,

We are starting our collection with 6 specialized fertilizers:
Tomato and Vegetable
Fruit and Flower
Acid Loving
Japanese Maple
All purpose

Soils will be in 12 Quart bags with a carry handle
and is billed as "handcrafted"...
Our Zuzugarden expert Karen did some good research.
We are happy to offer this line of Organics
to complement the Organic Veggies we ordered.
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