Friday, April 03, 2009

Bunnyboy's Lament

Check me out... real cute and sweet ...right?
Just like a little kid at Halloween except for the frown.
I am clearly not a happy camper, and i am not a kid...
just turned 35.

Here I am trapped in this Bunnysuit,
forever the supplicant awaiting a Halloween treat.
Propped up in a corner on the landing,
half way up and half way down.
My Jack o' lantern is empty.
not one bite sized Milky Way,
Babe Ruth, or Hershey's with Almonds..not even
a lousy Cliff bar or Lady Apple.

You wouldn't think this was an improvement over my early life
because I used to live at Zuzu's Petals.
ah, you say, "lucky little Bunnyboy!"
NOPE...not lucky Bunnyboy at all.

Sure, they would drag me out once a year and
stick me in the window with lots of Chrysanthemums
and The Dog.
A quick spongebath, a fresh pricetag and Bob's Your Uncle.
I'm for sale again.
Then, round about Thanksgiving, it's back in the dirty corner
with all the other seasonal stuff and the dog's furballs.
I used to think I was destined for a better life.

Well, now I live at home with the head Zuzu and she
leaves me out all year because she loves me.
The dog knocks me over sometimes on his way up or down,
and his furballs still collect around me
but now I have a view of the garden
and there are 2 little girls next door who come to visit.

I still have no treats in my pumpkin, but I never give up hope.
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