Friday, April 17, 2009

Breakdown Buying with Bear

Truck loaded with shrubs, perennials and Orchids.
sailing along in the fast lane on Northern State Parkway.
Bear and I finishing up our turkey wraps and drinks.
suddenly feel the engine die...

My heart lurches into crisis mode.
able to make it safely across 3 lanes to shoulder.
Traffic whizzing past rattles us while I call AAA.

NOTE: AAA trucks are not allowed on the parkways,
so, one must wait for an AUTHORIZED tow truck to
remove you from the road to a place where a second tow truck...
Authorized by AAA
will re-load you and drive you to your mechanic of choice.

NOTE: Try not to break down with your dog...
I couldn't tell who was more frightened by the other's proximity in the towtruck cab:
Bear or the two burly drivers who flatbedded us home.

Back home at the mechanic's we unloaded most everything
and drove it to the shop in tom's SUV...of course
unloading anything at the shop this last month
with the never ending construction
across the street, is a challenge.
back to the mechanic's for the rest of the plants
which are now resting in my garden waiting to finish their journey to Zuzus.
Next I'll tell about the First Failed Foxfarm delivery
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