Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get Fresh...A Good Neighbor for Zuzu

We are so happy with our newest neighbor"Get Fresh" .
They turned an unoccupied eyesore on our
block into a big, open, attractive, retail space.

Their "real meals-ready to cook" offer a welcome
alternative for busy Park Slopers who enjoy eating
good food at home and don't have lots of extra time for
hunting/ gathering/ preparing.

They are enthusiastically jumping right into the
community by offering classes on nutrition
and family meal planning.

Beginning this Saturday January 26th and
every alternate Saturday through
March 22 from 1:00-2:30 P.M.,
"Get Fresh" will open its doors to parents interested in
feeding their kids good food that is good for them.

Classes will focus on Nutrition and Child -Wellness,
Food Allergies, and
Oh! Bless us all! : The Picky Eater.

Laura Fischer-Harbage, a Holistic Nutritionist,
will share her expertise in preparing healthy and tasty foods

$25 per class or 3 classes for $60.
Space is limited can call them or...better yet, email
Landline: 718 360-8469

Tell them Zuzu sent you.

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