Friday, November 09, 2007

november 9,2007

you've come along way baby....
long story has been 4 years since the fire .
with the love ,spiritual, and financial support of our customers and friends we re-located and built our new shop at 374 fifth avenue. the new space was designed from our wish list for the perfect flowershop . we have settled in very comfortably.
in the beginning, it was like a honeymoon. everyone was very excited to see us recover and restored to business. lots of hugs and visits from the regulars and encouraging new traffic from the neighbors.
truth is, we are off the beaten path and foot traffic is not the way it was on 7th where we sat in the direct line of home from the subway.
historically, zuzu's petals has evolved organically..a.k.a."grown"... in response to changes, shifts, downtimes in the market. our energy right now is focused on creating a website and planting our roots on the internet.
this is our blog.
if my mother was still alive and (miraculously) computer savy, i am fairly certain she would be my only audience.
i'm workin' on it....

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