Sunday, March 08, 2009

Flowers For Every Occasion

The Zuzus always prefer making flowers for happy occasions.
Sometimes,we have to make flowers for the sad moments.
Last week we were touched by 2 sisters who came in to order
flowers for their Mother's funeral.
They came to us because they wanted to celebrate her life
and surround her with beautiful fresh flowers.
We were fully stocked, having just gone to the Market that morning.
But there were a few special things they wanted,
and we decided another trip was called for.
As we worked with their flowers,
we thought of those two sweet young women
and the Mother we had never met.
We put all our Zuzu love into every piece, hoping our flowers
and our feelings would offer some small comfort.
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BMcC said...

Happy Spring, Amy Fonda Sara, from your biggest if not oldest fan!!!!!