Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Orchid Show

On Tuesday we went to the Orchid Show at
The New York Botanic Gardens.
It was immediately clear that The Recession Spirit
was at work in this year's presentation.
Instead of massive quantities of
flowering orchids all over,
there were carefully designed
collections and constructions.

One benefit for us was a clearer view
of the permanent plantings,
which usually play second fiddle
to the dramatic installations of the show.

After a few hours wandering from fernery
to dry desert to tropical rainforest,
we made our way to the Giftshop...
usually a very expensive part of the outing.
This year we kept our hands in our pockets,
were firm in our determination
to not buy another tempting Orchid
and even remained stoic in the book section.

As we headed out of the parking lot,
we made our way to Arthur Avenue
where we ate a sumptuous lunch and
bought Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar,
and scored 6 tiny fresh Quail for $7!

The perfect Zuzuday
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