Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Bad Day

I couldn't park my truck today. It was sometime after
the 8-9 A.M. street sweeping on 5th Avenue and before the
end of 8-11 A.M. on the side streets.
I decided to go to PepBoys and have my turn signal lightbulbs relaced...
$4.99 for the bulbs, $15.99 labor.
Sounds like they screw you for the unscrewing and re-screwing ,
but the last time the bulbs blew I tried to replace them myself .
Believe me, I would have paid pretty much anything they asked.

While I was standing in line at the service counter waiting for
Germaine the Technician to finish ministering to my turn signals,
I watched some CNN footage of Benazir Bhutto on the television
mounted above my head.
I was checking out her make-up and head covering
when I realized the scrawling headlines on the bottom of
the screen said "Breaking News".
I can't stop thinking about her today.

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