Saturday, October 23, 2004

good friends don't stray Posted by Hello


Steelina said...

That is true........Good friends don't stray. It's me, Carol Steele, Zuzuette for one and a half years! I will always consider myself a part of Zuzu's Petals.....I LOVED working there with you! I loved helping people have beauty in their lives, I was touched by so many people in the neighborhood, and hope that I was able to have a positive effect on those that I came into contact with. I still have my keys to the old Zuzu's!!!!!

I send my love, and total support, for the building of a new Zuzu's, and I hope that all of your wonderful Zuzu's Customers can find their way to 5th Avenue! (hey, there's lots of stuff happening down there!!!)

Working there at Zuzu's totally changed me, taught me how to construct beauty for people, it was a place that I looked forward to going every day, and I just know in my heart that the new Zuzu's is going to be a GREAT SUCCESS !!!!!!!

Lots of love from Northern California!!!!!

Carol Steele
Zuzuette Forever!

Juliette said...

I'm looking forward to the opening. Mistral soaps, beautiful flowering plants in the year round garden room, and georgous flowers all on fabulous Fifth Avenue! I can't wait.